Game 4 (W) - Texas 31 vs TCU 16 (Part 1 - Offense)

Published by David Macias

Can you say, "Winning streak!"? This blows my mind - we outscored USC and TCU by a combined 38 points while going 1-1 vs Maryland and Tulsa with a net score of +2. Whatever, I'll take it, and I'm excited for the rest of the year again. 

After going through the entire game, I ended up with 18 GIFs, 8 for O and 10 for D, so I figured I'd split them up into 2 posts this week. I also decided to start with the O to save the best for last - the difference in the game was clearly the 4-0 turnover victory. Note, if CJ doesn't make the spectacular TD we could've been up 3-0 in turnovers to that point while still trailing 16-10. Our O did the job, but there is still room for improvement.

Textbook from the WR, QB, and Oline. Great (simple) route from CJ, o-line picks up the blitz, and Sam drops a dime. All the moving parts operating together like this make a 40 yd catch and throw look easy. It's not, but it's a good sign that our O can make big chunks look easy.

But Beck had to ruin the fun. Dare I say, NO MORE SIDEWAYS! This play never had a chance and TCU is known for their speed. Over and over it appears we're solid running between the tackles, but Beck likes to make things interesting, so he called a option that has zero chance of success. The drive ends in a missed field goal. It wasn't causation by any means, but this sort of play doesn't help the cause for ending the drive with points.

Speaking of running between the tackles. Watch 6 offensive lineman block 7 defensive lineman here. In particular, watch our LT grad transfer, C Anderson. He essentially blocks 3 guys on this one play by first getting enough of DE #40, and then getting to the next level and blocking the LB while also kind of getting in the way of the Safety (or linebacker). That's sexy run blocking if I've ever seen it.

Sam with a nice throw. Sure Sam somewhat under throws this pass, but it's great execution on 3rd down to easily get the first. What's extra nice about this throw is how he's thrown this same pass (rolling left) into the ground a few times this year, but he was able to get his shoulders square before bring his arm back on this one. There's a handful of NFL QBs that can make this throw solely with their arm while ignoring technique, but it's good to see Sam's fundamentals on this play.

Just good solid football. On this play you have 2 deep safeties and essentially 5 guys 'in the box' (4 d-lineman and 1 linebacker). Pretty simple math, call the run and block 5 with 5. Correct play is called, and what happens? Hey, our guys execute! 5 hats on 5 hats, the RB doesn't get touched until 6 yards down the field and he gets another 6 or 7 yards after first contact. Who said football is hard?

Ugh, bad Sam. So, I just showed you a nice fundamentally sound throw on 3rd down, and a great run to get in the red zone, and then Sam starts playing make-believe Russell Wilson, except he's not Wilson. This was a coverage sack that could have been avoided to get to 2nd and 10. Look at the down and distance on the GIF above. Instead, we end up with 2nd and 15 and ultimately another Dicker missed kick (bad game for Dicker, but hopefully it was a one time thing).

Finally, good Sam. I skipped a couple TDs which were essentially made by the Defensive (Sterns INT and run back, and CJ's O-mazing catch), but this is high quality from QB and WR (even our LT getting one last late shove). It's great how Sam steps up and back in the pocket and keeps his eyes downfield - obviously, he's built a level of trust with LJH to wait for him to get open.

And LJH, 2 weeks in a row! The guy just works hard for a first down and turns it into a nail-in-the-coffin 38 yard TD. By the way, I hope he has a son one day and gives him the same name, so we have a Lil' Jordan Humphrey Jr. That would just be swell.


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