Week 9 - (L) UT 7 at TCU 24

Very sorry effort on my part to 1) get this out later in the week, and 2) not have nearly as much material as I'd like. 

In my defense, the quality of this post matches the quality of the performance our beloved yet frustrating team together last Saturday. Not. Good.

Have I mentioned that I don't like anything about the way Beck thinks, designs, and manages a college football offense? What sucks most is that even if we make a change this offense, it's just another wasted year with a bad OC. Injuries to the o-line be darned, coach up the players you have, and make something happen. No excuses. We shouldn't be getting worse as the season progresses. So lame.

Let's go sideways!

Malik doing his thing.

Poor recognition by our D, and nice design by TCU. The 3rd wr from the outside is actually 'covered up' by the outside wr. He is on the line of scrimmage, and so is the outside wr. What this means is that he is an ineligible wr, and basically a decoy, hence why he just goes backward. However, our secondary still follows him instead of covering the 4th wr who runs open for the big game. Not the easiest thing to spot in the middle of a game, and this type of formation/play is done at all levels. Still, wish it could've been stopped.

Roach being awesome.

See Warren and Porter. Looking forward to more D Young.

Another nice play by Roach. I think he's got a future at the next level.

Will be seeing a lot more of Davis now that Holton is done for the season. So sad.

Week 8 - (W) UT 38 at Baylor 7

Nice low-stress win for the Horns... and lady karma.

Can't imagine anyone is feeling sorry for the lowly 0-8 Bears, but it was a nice win even though we got off to a slow start because Tim Beck is an offensive... what's the opposite word for 'guru'? - whatever it is, he's one of those. 

Not too many (Jack Handy) deep thoughts on the game, because defense did their job and Beck and the offense was frustrating as usual even though they still scored 31 points.

Few thoughts:
- Ok with starting Shane
- More fish RBs and runs up the middle
- Defense keep doing your thing (but limit big plays please)

- Ok with starting Shane
Pretty sure I've said it before, but I think both of our QBs (assuming not playing with a concussion) are capable of leading a decent to pretty good offense. Granted, our current situation is a tough one - bad OC, and banged up o-line. You could argue Ehlinger could be a better fit because he seems to be a better scrambler, but I could argue our bad OC calls too many designed QB run plays when he's in there which limits are O and more importantly, gets our QB concussed.

By having Shane start, it almost forces Beck to call more RB run plays, which is sad that that is what it takes. Think about it, what NFL OC would ever call more passes and QB-designed run plays behind an o-line that struggles in pass protection? No one would. Generally speaking, the object of the game on offense is to keep your QB's jersey clean.
Anyway, for that reason, and the fact that Shane still appears to be the more accurate passer (and have some mobility), I'm ok with him starting. He may not have the "moxie" of Sam, and Baylor's not the best measuring stick, but still, I think he gives us a good chance to win.

Here's a nice accurate throw he made on the move: (Yes, I know, Lil J is wide open)

- More fish RBs and runs up the middle
Like I said, by starting Shane, it seems Beck is almost forced to call more RB run plays. By the way, the Baylor game was only the 3rd time our QB didn't lead the team in rushing attempts. Terrible. These guys aren't VY.

Anyway, I loved that Toe Nail (finally, more Toe Nail!) and even Daniel Young got most of the action, and I hope that trend continues. Not only that, but there were more designed runs between the tackles than to the outside. Both of these guys have more burst, big play ability, and seem to not go down as easily and CW3/Porter. By the way, I'm still ok with the occasional CW3 run (up the middle only) on short yardage plays.

Again, I get that it was Baylor, and Young's yardage came late in the game, but check out these plays, and tell me you don't want the potential for more of this:

Toe Nail again:

Carter TD:

Daniel Young good run:

Daniel Young TD:

- Defense keep doing your thing (but limit big plays please)
Not much else to say about the defense beyond that. Great watching them week in and week out. Great performance on Saturday with the exception of one big play that led to a score, otherwise it would have been a shutout. Just a few plays that stood out (beyond the turnovers) from the game for your enjoyment.

Holton Hill being Holton Hill:

His ability to come up and make solid tackles in addition to his cover skills means we may be watching him on Sundays next year (sad face):

Quality Malik on 3rd and 1 to end a drive:

Deshon Elliott continues to play at a high quality and make a case for not returning next year.

Nice seeing Hager make a huge play in the run game.