Every Lil' J catch from the win over OU

Published by David Macias

This is less of a break down of the game (that's here) or certain plays and more of a why not just enjoy the greatness that is Lil' Jordan Humphrey. No real reason behind it except for your viewing pleasure. It was a great all-around TEAM win, but hey, the guy had the biggest day on offense for anyone not named Sam, so why not soak it in a little more?

His stat line from the game:
9 catches (on 11 targets) 
133 yards
1 receiving TD

2/2 passing
10 yards
1 passing TD

I made a couple bold claims about LJH in a preseason post:
1. He'd lead the team in TDs with 12 (Not so bold.)
    (I said 5 receiving and 7 rushing, because I thought we'd use him in the wildcat in goal line situations as we did in the Spring game.)
   - How's he tracking? He's leading everyone not named Sam with 4 WR TDs and 1 Passing TD. CJ also has 4 WR TDs.

2. He'd be in the top 5 of Heisman voting in 2019 (Quite bold.)
    (Again, because if he racked up a ton of goal line TDs and had a great stat line as a WR for a top 5-10 team, why not?)
  - How's he tracking? Well, again, he's obviously not going to get any (or many) goal line rushing TDs, though it was cool to see him get a passing one out of the wild cat. Without those rushing TDs, I doubt he'd make the Heisman conversation, BUT, what about the Biletnikoff award for best college WR? If LJH stays next year and CJ is gone, I don't see why he won't end up a Biletnikoff finalist.

He's currently leading our team with 535 receiving yards and 4 TDs, which puts him on pace for 1,070 yards and 8 TDs. Not bad for an ex Running Back/3 star recruit!

Ok, to the GIFs.

Catch #1. Result - first down.

Catch #2. Result - 2nd and short.

Catch #3. Result - first down.

Catch #4. Result - 4th and short (and a HUGE gain on 3rd down!)

Catch #5. Result - first down.

Catch #6. Result - first down.

Catch #7. Result - TD.

Catch #8. 4th and medium.

Catch #9. Result - 2nd and long.

Let's go get 1-0 vs Baylor! A nice full 60 minute pounding of the Bears from Waco would be quite nice. Enough of this playing to our opponents level stuff.