Week 11 - (W) UT 28 at WVU 14

Posted by David Macias

Bowl eligible, a W on the road over a decent team, and a chance at a winning record got me and Sam like...

Solid win overall. Defense played well as usual, and we actually had a run game led by runningbacks. Brace yourself for this very lukewarm take: getting our all-American left tackle back made a big difference. Mind. Blown.

Our anemic offense, which somehow seemed to be getting worse, put up 28 points. (I net out the pick six SE gave them with the sack-fumble that led to our 6 yd drive.) Left tackle is the second most important position on offense, and getting Connor Williams back was huge.

Here's Connor with a savory little pancake early in the game.

How Connor allows play to happen and D Young has the speed to get to second level (defensive backs).

Speaking of D Young, sure is nice to see RBs with gitty-up get more carries.

Nice throw and route. SE stays cool with the blitz. Hemphill keeps the route high since he's on the CB at his break.

Hall with a nice play

Elliott with closing speed

Jones needs to start locating the ball

Jones really needs to start locating the ball

Roach playing DT pushes the OT in the backfield and gets a tackle for loss.

Roach lined up outside, gets a full head of steam and pushes the blocking RB into the QB.

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